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Civil Engineering


             Civil Engineering is one of the foremost disciplines in Engineering.  This Department was established in the year 2011.  We are offering an undergraduate course with an intake of 60 students.The department is aiming at the development of student community to face the future world with the latest technical knowledge through research, good leadership qualities, industry- institute interaction and spirit of competence.



To educate the students in theory and practical knowledge to achieve good status in their life. 

To generate good Civil Engineers to serve the society.



To get rank in Anna University Examinations.

To motivate to attend and present the paper in conference and seminars at various engineering institutions.



               Civil department has many labs. The department is fully equipped with the state-of-art laboratories. Civil Engineering department’s computer center has the most versatile, powerful and widely networked computer systems with software like AutoCAD,  STRUDS and STAADPRO.


               SURVEYING LAB is the first and foremost lab in Civil Engineering department and it is the basis for any Projects. This lab helps the students to understand better surveying with various latest and modern equipments. Sophisticated instruments include Total Station, Theodolite, Tachometer, Leveling Instruments, Prismatic Compass and Plane Table.


               HYDRAULICS LAB enables us determine coefficient of discharge of Orifice meter and Venturi meter and also to analyze flow-rates and friction-factor in pipes and to conduct the performance tests on Pumps and turbines.  To study the Properties of the Fluid, Hydraulic Engineering Lab is available with Centrifugal and Reciprocating Pumps, Pelton Wheel, Friction Factor Apparatus, Notches and Turbines.


               STRENGTH OF MATERIALS LAB makes to understand and determine the strength of materials under externally applied loads, which will give a clear understanding of the strength and stiffness.  To find out mechanical properties of the building construction materials,  100T UTM, Compression Testing Machine and Spring Testing Machine are available.  


               SOIL MECHANICS ENGINEERING LAB helps us to understand the properties of soil, which also helps in designing the foundation.  Latest equipments like Shear Test of Soil, Permeability Testing Setup, Standard Proctor Test Equipment and Unconfined Compressive Strength Equipment are available.


               CONCRETE AND HIGHWAY ENGINEERING LAB focuses on how to prepare a good concrete mixture as per the application.  Also helps to lay highways with proper combination of materials.  In the Concrete and Highway Engineering Lab, Aggregate Impact and Crushing Testing Machines, Abrasion and Attrition Testing Machine and Bituminous Testing Machines are available.

               ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING LAB: In the today’s polluted environment, this lab helps us to test the quality of water and find out the dissolved solids and minerals present in the water. It also helps to study the characteristics of waste-water and their strength.  Jar List Apparatus BOD Incubator, Titration Testing Kids, pH and Turbidity Meters are available in this Lab.



          Civil Engineering Students have participated in various activities such as Quiz Programs, Paper Presentation in various colleges and won prizes.
          To update their knowledge, the faculty members are attending various faculty development programs, workshops and seminars in various engineering colleges.

               In our Civil Engineering Student’s Association, a number of guest lecturers were arranged for the benefit of the students.  The eminent engineers from various fields and other engineering colleges gave special lectures. 



               Practical exposure is the need of the hour rather than the mere theoretical knowledge. Keeping this in mind, the department organizes several Industrial Visit to various civil oriented construction companies at frequent Intervals.  This year our 2nd &3rd year civil students visited Eidiki Dam and Cochin Port.



Asst. Professor and Head

Department of Civil Engineering

VPV Engineering College

Devadhanapatti (PO), Thanneerpanthal,

Theni – 625 602.

Contact Number : 9003341523